News from alumnae, alumni, and students who once studied in Faculty of Education, Gifu University


Ms. Thida Wint in Myanmar (studied in Gifu as a Research student and as a Master student from Oct., 2002 to Mar., 2006)

I studied at Professor Nakazawa's lab from October, 2002 to March, 2006 and I have got a master degree. Now, I have had a chance to study again at Gifu University, Japan from 15th November, 2015 to 31st January, 2016. At Professor Nakazawa's lab, I studied new experimental technique for searching double hypernuclei. I visited Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex to see Tandem accelerator, Tandem Booster, Reactor Fuel Examination Facility, Japan Research Reactor, Neutrino and Material and Life Science Experimental Facility together with seven students from Myanmar and Professor Nakazawa. And, we visited Science museum in Tokyo. I got a lot of knowledge and can learn many developments in modern science of Japan. Now, I am checking the experimental data taken with modified experimental technique to pick up typical events such as candidates of double-hypernuclei. I thank very much Professor Nakazawa and International Exchange Committee in Faculty of Education, Gifu University for giving me a chance to study again in Japan.

Ms. Htaik Nandar Kyaw in Myanmar (studied in Gifu as a Research student and as a Master student from Oct., 2002 to Mar., 2006)

I am working at Physics department of Defence Services Academy (Military University) as a Lecturer. I studied in Nakazawa Lab from 2002, October to 2006, March as a research student and as a Master student. I got a Master degree from Physics department, Faculty of Education, Gifu University in 2006, March. After I came back to my country, I got a PhD (doctor) degree in 2009 by hypernucleus event analysis. Fortunately, I got a second chance to visit to Nakazawa lab from 10 September, 2015 to 10, October 2015. At that time I attended JPS meeting and studied many things concerned with double-lambda hypernucleus searching and analysis. In Nakazawa lab, all the research and scanning system are progressing. The new scanning system is developed in Nakazawa lab and it is convenient to do by personal computer. So, I can continue the research works concerned with double lambda hypernucleus searching, alpha tracks searching and data analysis in my university. Now, I have trained 2 Doctoral students and 4 Master students of Myanmar to understand the new scanning system(over all scan). I thank very much Prof. Nakazawa and International exchange committee for giving me a chance to study in Japan and to keep in touch with us.

Ms. Silvija posta in Croatia (stayed in Gifu as a Teacher Training Student from Oct., 2012 to Mar., 2014)

These days there is a lot of work at the school I teach because of the end- of- the term period. Recently I have started taking guitar lessons and I have also been learning Spanish for a year now. Since summer I have also been teaching Japanese to some adults on voluntary basis. The progress is slow, but it's been fun...

Ms. Sengdao INTHAVONG in Thailand (stayed in Gifu as a Teacher Training Student from Oct., 2013 to Mar., 2015)

I am Sengdao INTHAVONG, From Bankeun Teacher Training College, Lao PDR. I have been fine with going well my work after come back from GIFU Univrsity, almost one year. Recently, my job as an English teacher who trains the techniques of English Teaching for students, after finishing Teacher Training program in GIFU University. I often apply my new experiences and teaching skills to students, especially students last year before they have the English Teaching Practice at secondary school. Besides focusing on students, I also give advice for my colleagues about new methodology of teaching. If possible in the future, I hope to visit and learn at GIGU University again.


Ms. Hessel Anne N. Domingo in Philippines (stayed in Gifu as a Teacher Training Student from Oct., 2011 to Mar., 2013)

She joined Teach for the Philippines (TFP(non-profit organization)) and taught in primary school, after she went back from Gifu University. Her teaching was in youtube videos,

Then she joined the basic education department of the University of Perpetual Help. Now she is a foreign language (Nihongo) teacher in the high school department and teaches Japanese with books which she used in studying Nihongo in Gifu University. She has been struggling for children who have to help their parents make a living and go to school without any school supplies, since she joined TFP. She would like to find ways to support them.

Ms. Silvija Posta in Croatia (stayed in Gifu as a Teacher Training Student from Oct., 2012 to Mar., 2014)

She works as an English teacher in a high school in her home town.

Mr. Amanullah Bhutto in Pakistan (stayed in Gifu as a Teacher Training Student from Oct., 2010 to Mar., 2012)

He works as an assistant professor of English in Islamabad College for Boys. He says “I am fortunate enough to have seen Japan, the land of the rising sun. My stay in Japan gave me a very good understanding of the Japanese people and their great culture. I was highly impressed by their politeness and humbleness. All my professors in the university, my course mates and even the common people showed great care and attention to me. I fell in love with the Japanese food. My favorite foods in Japan were Sushi, Tempura, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, etc. During a university festival, I happened to wear Kimono which gave me a nice feeling too. I stayed in Gifu during my stay but I was able to visit Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Ichinomiya, Nagoya and many other beautiful places. Japan is full of natural beauty. I will never forget the experience of being in Japan. I miss Japan a lot. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU JAPAN.”

Dear Sir or Madam who once studied in Faculty of Education, Gifu University,

Please write to us,, and let us know about your news and activities after you went back to your country. We will show your news to other fellows here. Let’s keep in good company with each other.

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