Affiliated Institution

Affiliated Elementary School, Faculty of Education

In 1952, Fuzoku Elementary School (affiliated to the Faculty of Education) opened with special classes for handicapped pupils.

All students are selected and admitted through the use of a lottery, which is held each year. The school mottoes consist of helping to develop each student’s mental and physical level. To promote deep and considerate thought in all tasks set, showing students that a strong sense of teamwork and empathy towards others, will ultimately reward them with the invaluable gift of happiness.

Fuzoku Elementary School (affiliated to the Faculty of Education)

The school applies these mottoes to cultivate each student’s independence, cooperation and creativity. Pupils are able to enjoy ‘keieikatsudo’ (Pupil centered activities) which offer creative, attractive and exciting activities.

Affiliated Junior High School, Faculty of Education

Fuzoku Junior High School (affiliated to the Faculty of Education) was established in 1951 to investigate the universality of an education within the lower secondary school. Students, as with Fuzoku Elementary School are selected and admitted through the use of a lottery system. We believe these; three school-mottoes will strengthen students’ spirits and further their development.

Fuzoku Junior High School (affiliated to the Faculty of Education)

Independence: Students must make an effort to maintain their individuality.

Consideration: Students must always strive to respect one another.

Cooperation: Students must work together to create a sense of pride in their work.

Furthermore, the school contributes to the training of students from Gifu University Faculty of Education, through internships. Fuzoku Junior High School strives to educate students of every level to innovate the latest methodologies in each respective subject.

Special Needs Education Center

The Center has two mandates. One is to conduct basic research, clinically- related studies, education methodology development, and so on. The other is to provide education consultation and training activities to the local region. The Center hopes to attract participants interested in children with special needs education (educators, nurses, instructors; etc.) who will work in collaboration with the Center's staff and other special needs education specialists to conduct, joint research.

Special Needs Education Center

Psychological Counseling Center

The center provides psychological counseling services for clients in this local region.

It also provides counselor's training for graduate students of clinical psychology course in the Graduate School of Education.

Psychological Counseling Center

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