Dean's Message

Professor BEPPU Satoshi

Gifu University's Faculty of Education was originally established as a teacher training facility in 1873. It continues to serve this function today, and it has graduated and sent out into the community approximately 30,000 graduates over its 140-year history. Most of these graduates have been responsible for providing primary and secondary education to the children of Gifu Prefecture from the so-called 'age of enlightenment' to the present day. Here at Gifu University, we believe that at least part of Japan's prosperity can be attributed to the unstinting efforts of our graduates in providing a balanced education to each and every member of the community.

In addition to those who have chosen careers in education, many other graduates have gone on to make notable contributions in fields including the arts, culture, industry, administration, politics, and economics.

The Graduate School of Education offers post-graduate courses in teacher education, psychological development, and subject-integrated education, and it attracts a diverse range of students. In addition to those who join the Graduate School immediately after completing the undergraduate program, our alumni include educators, business people, and overseas students, all of whom bring their own perspectives to the topic of educational research.

In this manner, the Faculty of Education of Gifu University aims to promote and advance research into the problems and challenges of both school education and lifelong learning around the world.

Professor BEPPU Satoshi


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